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Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM CDT

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Sale OO3 Lot 1033

Various Authors
pertaining to modern architecture, nine books
1. Behrendt, Walter Curt, Modern Building: Its Nature, Problems, and Forms
2. Cheney, Sheldon, The New World Architecture
3. Fellows of the Architecture Society, The Modern Movement, Program
4. Giedion, S., A Decade of New Architecture
5. Hitchcock, Jr., Henry-Russell, Modern Architecture Romanticism and Reintegration
6. Jencks, Charles, Post-Modern Classicism
7. Taut, Bruno, Modern Architecture
8. Uitgevers-Maatschappij, Moderne Architectuur
9. Yerbury, F.R., Modern Bauten in Europa

Collection of Wilbert and Marilyn Hasbrouck, Chicago, Illinois
Estimate $ 100-200

Sold for $125